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33 - 7th Ave. S. Unit C
Yorkton, SK   S3N 3V1


Email: chickencowshearing@hotmail.com

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Toll Free: 1 (888) 966-7707
Local: 1 (306) 786-7707
Fax: 1 (306) 828-0003

About Us

Doug is a licensed hearing aid dispenser licensed in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. He carries a BC-HIS designation (Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist).

He has been dispensing hearing aids since 1999.

ChickenCow’s Hearing Centre complies with all the laws and regulations in Saskatchewan, BC, Alberta and Manitoba. We purchase town/village/city business licenses in every community we work. We are licensed in Saskatchewan under the Health Services branch of the province. We are members of the International Hearing Instrument Society (HIS), the Sask Hearing Instrument Practioneer’s Society (SHIPS) and are Board Certified by HIS (BC-HIS) ChickenCow's is committed to helping people who experience hearing difficulties. Our main clinic is located in Yorkton, plus we service many rural areas in an effort to provide help to all people who require help and can not get to our main clinic.

Our hearing aids are manufactured by Unitron Canada. Unitron is based in Canada and is owned by a SWISS company called Sonova. Unitron use the talents of the Swiss, who are always developing new technologies and improvements, to provide a very sophisticated product. Sonova is a world leader in the research and development of digital hearing aids. Today’s hearing aids are designed to help in noise, have multiple memory settings, directional microphones and are all automatic. The new open fit models are barely visible.

ChickenCow’s Hearing Centre offer a 60 day TRIAL PERIOD, 2 year 100% loss or damage warranty and we service your hearing aid for as long as you own it. We do what ever we can to help get you the best satisfaction possible. Our main objective is to help those who need help. Hearing is so very important. We satisfy our clients using the best that technology has to offer, coupled with knowledge and experience.


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Toll Free 1 888 966 7707
LOCAL 306 786 7707



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