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33 - 7th Ave. S. Unit C
Yorkton, SK   S3N 3V1


Email: chickencowshearing@hotmail.com

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Toll Free: 1 (888) 966-7707
Local: 1 (306) 786-7707
Fax: 1 (306) 828-0003



  • 08/25/20             I love my new rechargeable hearing aids! They work Great!   Nick K

  • 10/07/20             Updated my existing aids with new product, chose ChickenCow’s Hearing again even though I’m a fair distance     away, I have had such good luck with my old aids in the past,  Why would I go elsewhere!   Carol P

  • 11/19/20          Like almost every other senior, I was resistant to getting hearing assisting appliances due to the uncertainty of spending large sums on devices that may or may not work for me. The game-changer was when Doug Henheffer of ChickenCow's Hearing Centre offered a hearing analysis and a NO CHARGE 30 day trial of a set of representative hearing aids to provide a real-life evaluation of the technology that is available today.  With the combined serviced of Doug and the capabilities of the hearing aids.  I only required 10 of the allotted 30 days to determine that the technology worked for me and I wanted it.  David D

  • 11/30/20             Really like the service, appreciate the fact that ChickenCow’s Hearing met him after Hours to provide service because he couldn’t be their when office was open.  Gerald B

  • 12/8/20               Thank you so much, love the service you provide!  Violet K

  • 1/12/21               Love my new aids, really like the Bluetooth feature!   Alden H

  • 1/20/21               Tremendous Difference, I have owned 3 different sets of aids over the years & these are the best I have had.   Mike D

  • 2/11/21               Really Love the Bluetooth -Telephone, these aids are far batter than my old aids! Della P

  • 2/17/21               Love my Rechargable Hearing Aids, especially the TV & works great in church, when we Can go to church!     Ben K

  • 2/18/21               I have always got good service from Doug, & Bonnie is easy & pleasant to deal with  Gary N

  • 3/10/21               Service! I know if I need something you will be there and will not charge me every time I come in. No charges for receiver replacement, wax sticks, domes or hearing tests  Bonnie C

  • 3/11/21               Service – Anytime I call & need something, it is done right away – I like that! Gord


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Toll Free 1 888 966 7707
LOCAL 306 786 7707



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